Building Shell$21,290
Heating System$14,740

Therm Savings
Estimated Therms Savings2,668
Percent Savings30%
Payback Period11  years





Multi Family - NSTAR

Winthrop Hotel


73 Hollis

Framingham, MA


“The LEAN Multi Family Retrofit Program is a tremendous opportunity to help us to conserve precious energy resources which, in turn, enables an organization like ours to use the resultant 30% cost savings to operate the facility more efficiently. More importantly, this will help eliminate the need for rental increases for the low-income residents of this housing who are already struggling to make ends meet. Consumers and property managers are both big winners with this program.”

– James Cuddy, Executive Director,┬áSouth Middlesex Non Profit Housing



A gas heated 53 Single Room Occupancy Building in Framingham


  • High Efficiency Gas Boiler
  • Attic,Sidewall and Pipe insulation
  • Specialized Air Sealing
  • High Efficiency CFL Bulbs and Fixtures
  • Energy Star Rated Refrigerators
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