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The LEAN Single-Family Program (1-4 unit residential) is tailored to deliver complete, cost-effective gas and electric energy efficiency measures for both renters and owners occupying 1-4 unit residential housing across Massachusetts.

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We have programs available, from no cost to low cost solutions as well as market rate incentives available to all through our program and partners

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This program is only for buildings with between 1 and 4 units. By clicking "Next" you will be redirected to our Multifamily website to get more information about our multifamily programs.

# of Household Members Total Gross Yearly Income
1 $45, 392
2 $59,359
3 $73,326
4 $87,294
5 $101,261
6 $115,228
7 $117,846
8 $120,465

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From start to finish, we manage everything


Income screening and eligibility verification

Project Management

We scope out the project and manage it from start to finish


We do a comprehensive inspection of the work completed to ensure it was done effectively and professionally.

Save Money. Be Efficient.

We enable income eligible renters and owners to upgrade to the most efficient heating systems and LED lighting. We also install complete building insulation and appliance upgrades.

How We Help You Save!

The LEAN program brings over 40 years of energy efficiency service delivery to income eligible resident across Massachusetts. Our certified building energy auditors identify all eligible energy efficiency measures and manage the project from start to finish on your behalf, at no cost to you.

Qualified Applicants Receive:

Program Administrators We Work With

This program is part of Mass Save® and is funded in part by the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Program Administrators (PAs) below. The program is jointly administered by the PAs and the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN).

1-4 residential units

If you own or rent a property with 1-4 residential units, you and/or your building may be eligible for no cost energy efficiency upgrades.

Low Income Criteria

If your income meets certain criteria, we can schedule a no cost energy assessment to identify all no cost energy efficiency improvements available to you, and oversee the contracting, installation and inspection of the work performed at your home.

Don't Qualify?

Check out some of our other programs and partners for free assessments and discounts on energy saving upgrades. 


The Weatherization work is completed at no cost to the homeowner or the renter. The work is funded by the Program Administrators, State and Federal Grants and other funding.

Cellulose insulation is safe. It is made of paper, but the safe chemical treatment provides it with permanent fire resistance.


In order for the home insulation to be effective, all the exterior walls of a home should be insulated and any openings and bypasses air sealed.


Depending on the size of the house, on average it takes between 2-5 days to complete all the work.


Yes, someone should be home, in case there are any questions or if any issues should arise


Our Weatherization Auditors act as projects managers for every project. They oversee the contractor’s installation; LEAN has over 40 years of experience doing this work. Also, all of our contractors have over 10 years of experience in the field and should be able to resolve any issues. In the rare occurrence there is any damage occur (rare), all contractors are fully insured. Additionally, the Weatherization Auditor will also oversee the work and perform in-process and post inspections.


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